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if anyones seeing any posts on here that arent aussie bands, blame izzy (me) because my tumblr is fucking up and posting things to here for some ubsurd reason

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honeyswept said: Hey! I'd love to help if you need it. Dunno whether I should explain that I love Aussie bands, though I'm more for pop and rock bands. But this goes on a ask and receive/random sort of flow, love the blog, here to help if you want.

awesome! I need your email address that you use for your tumblr so I can add you thanks :)

2 notes Attention Aussie Band loving people!

this blog has been inactive for a long time and I would like to add another admin who would be able to keep it active and still gaining followers. If you are interested please message me.

- Ashleigh

Congratulations to Tonight Alive on getting signed to Fearless Records in America and getting confirmed for Warped Tour 2012! They all deserve it so much. 

Highways are an amazing unsigned pop-punk band from Sydney, Australia. You can check out their Facebook here and/or download their new E.P here!
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